Simply drag and drop the button onto your bookmarks bar. Step by step instructions are below.

1. How to install

Drag the Spritzlet button above to your bookmarks bar to install it.

Where is my bookmarks/favorites bar?
Your bookmarks bar may be hidden. It looks like a list of links underneath the URL text box. Here's how to show it:

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer: Control (Command on a Mac) + Shift + B

Firefox: Control (Command on a Mac) + B

2. Alternative Method

If you are having trouble creating the bookmark by dragging, then create the bookmark manually.

You can skip this step if you created the bookmark by dragging the Spritzlet button to the bookmark bar.

First, right click on the link in the button and click ``copy the link address``.

Click the Bookmarks button in your Menu bar.

Choose the option to add a new bookmark.

Fill in the name with any name you want (i.e. - Spritzlet).

Click on the URL section and paste the copied code by pressing ``Control (Command on a Mac) + v``.

Save the Bookmark.

3. Creating An Account

Click the blue login link to sign-in. You'll have to create an account and subscribe for $2.99/month or, for a limited time, $19.99/year.

Why should I create a Spritz account?
Here's what registered users get access to:

Spritz above 100 WPM.
Your WPM and position settings are saved between sites.
We're working on tons of other features that only registered users will get access to.

4. Spritzing A Page

Navigate to any site and click your Spritzlet bookmark to spritz the entire page.

5. Spritzing A Section

To Spritz only part of a page, highlight text and click the play button. Clicking the play button without any text highlighted will spritz the entire page.

To quickly adjust the words per minute (wpm), you can use the left and right arrow keys.


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The Science Behind Spritz

Spritz analyzes content and presents it to the reader one word at a time in a window we call the redicle. One key letter in each word is highlighted in red. We we call this letter the “Optimal Recognition Point”. Our redicle keeps your eyes focused on the ORP, allowing you to read, comprehend, and retain information without the need to move your eyes.

Check out the video below to see how it works.


What people ask us most.

Will it work on smartphones?

We've developed a custom Spritz app for IOS and Android. You can download them with the link below.

Can I use the Spritzlet for PDFs on the web?

The Spritzlet only works on content published in HTML. Readsy is a great, free service that allows you to spritz PDFs.

Why doesn't it work on specific websites?

Please contact us using the contact form below with any questions and we'll see if we can get things working for you!

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