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Read Content One Word At A Time

Spritz displays content one word at time. When you read each word, your eyes fixate on the key red letter within that word, triggering the brain to quickly recognize and process its meaning.

Bookmark Your Favorite Sites

Easily save websites you frequent and return to them directly from the home screen.

Breeze Through Long Articles

Average readers typically read around 200 words per minute (wpm) with a comprehension of 60%. With the Spritz reader, people quickly begin reading a 300 wpm or more at a comprehension level of 90%.

Read 1000+ Words Per Minute

Change your reading speed settings with just one click. After your first few sessions, you'll be reading articles faster than ever.

Train your brain to double your reading speed

Spritz reduces the need for your eyes to move when reading and decreases the number of times your eyes must pass over a word for your brain to understand it.

Increase reading speed, comprehension and retention


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The Science Behind Spritz

Spritz analyzes content and presents it to the reader one word at a time in a window we call the redicle. One key letter in each word is highlighted in red. We we call this letter the “Optimal Recognition Point”. Our redicle keeps your eyes focused on the ORP, allowing you to read, comprehend, and retain information without the need to move your eyes.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

Keep up with the flood of news

Spritz works with your favorite news websites, so you can always keep up with what is going on in the world. You will read faster and comprehend more.

“Placing words exactly where your brain wants them to be located provides an amazingly focused, engaging, and enjoyable reading experience.”

Available on iPhone and Android devices

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The app is free to download and use on all websites.

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Want to use Spritz on desktop?
Get the Chrome Extension
Get the Safari Extension
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Frequently Asked Questions

What people ask us most.

Where can I get Spritz?

You can download Spritz in the Apple App Store and Google Play

What is Spritzing?

Spritzing is reading text with Spritz's patented technology. When you’re Spritzing, you’re reading text one word at a time in our “redicle,” a special visual frame we designed for reading.

How long does Spritz take to learn?

Unlike other reading techniques, you don’t need special training to read with Spritz. Spritzing is reading without eye movement, so there is nothing new to learn. With 5 minutes of practice you should be able to pick it up. Relax, look at the red character and trust that your brain retains the whole word!

Will I remember anything I read?

Yes! The retention levels when Spritzing are even better than traditional reading. Readers who often get distracted or struggle focusing correctly on traditional texts benefit the most.

How long can I Spritz in one session?

Everyone takes breaks while reading, and it's the same with Spritz. When reading a physical book you turn pages, or from time to time reposition the book and look up for a few seconds, and with Spritz you simply hit pause.

So, children can use Spritz?

Yes! We have tested Spritz in grades K-12. When focus is an issue, Spritz provides a different way to access text without distraction.

Is Spritz good for people with reading disabilities?

Spritz is a great tool for many types of reading disabilities including those with dislexia. By reading one word at a time, it is very helpful for those who find it difficult to look at a ``wall of words``.

What does Spritz cost?

The app is free to download and use on all websites.

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